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S.No. Video Description Video
- Mathematics -
1. Rational v/s Irrational numbers Video
2. Are Random Triangles Acute or Obtuse? Video
3. Complex Numbers - Part Imaginary, but Really Simple Video
4. The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering Video
5. The Power of Exponentials, Big and Small Video
6. The Pythagorean Theorem - Geometry’s Most Elegant Theorem Video
7. The Quadratic Equation - It’s Hip to Be Squared Video
- Chemistry -
8. Stoichiometry Video
9. Recognizing Chemical Reactions Video
10. How Big Is A Mole? Video
11. How Cold Is Cold? (Properties of Materials at low Temperatures) Video
12. How Cold is Cold - What is Temperature? Video
13. How Hot Is Hot - Heat versus Temperature Video
- Physics -
14. Forces and Angles Video
15. Free Fall Video
16. Galaxies and Dark Matter Video
17. Gravity Assist - Stealing a Planet's Angular Momentum Video
18. How Mosquitoes Fly in the Rain Video
19. The Mysteries of Magnetism Video
20. Can Earthquakes be Predicted? Video
21. Will an Ice Cube Melt Faster in Freshwater or Saltwater? Video
22. The Physics of Pool Video
23. The Science of Soap Bubbles (Part 1) Video
24. The Science of Soap Bubbles (Part 2) Video
25. Static Equilibrium Video

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A video I made:

I wrote a C++ program to generate images of the Mandelbrot Set. I rendered many frames corresponding to a zoom sequence. I have included my video on this DVD, and uploaded it to YouTube. Click here to watch!